Standard sand ASTM C778 graded


Cement testing standard specifications for standard sand


Graded sand is made of local (French Source) natural silica sand (silica content 99 %), having a water content lower than 0.1 %. The constituent grains of this sand are uncrushed and of rounded form. It is packaged in bags of 25 kg. The sand is used for testing of hydraulic cement strength conforming to ASTM C 109.

Deliveries are made in unit bag protected by box. They are packaged in pallet of 2 to 40 bags, protected by reinforced box.


Grading is determined by EN 933-1. The average grading is as follows:

Square Mesh Size in (mm) Percent Passing Sieve (%)  Percent Passing Sieve (%)
Average Grading c778
1,180 100 100
0,600 97 96 to 100
0,425 69 65 to 75
0,300 26 20 to 30
0,150 1 0 to 4

This standard sand has been certified by TERRACON (Texas) according ASTM C778 graded.

Controls are carried out by SNL laboratory. SNL will produce certificate for each delivery.