Vibrating Table

Ref. : EN 12350-6, 7, 12390-2, 13286-50

Proper compaction of cement concrete while casting specimens for compression testing is essential to achieve higher compressive strength . AIMIL Vibrating Table is ideally suited for this purpose. The table top is suitable to hold cube moulds and has stops along its edges to prevent moulds from sliding off the table during operation. The specially designed vi bro motor for operating the vibrator.

Models available: 

Vibrating Table, Table top 75cm x 75cm for 6 moulds of 150mm cube (AIM 364)

Vibrating Table,Table top 50 x 50cm for 4 moulds of 150mm cube (AIM 365-1)

Vibrating Table,Table top 2m x 1m for 32 moulds of 150mm cube (AIM 366-1)

Vibrating Table,Table top 1m x 1m for 16 moulds of 150mm cube (AIM 367-1)