Coil Spring Testing Machines, Digital, Hand Operated (Model : STM)

If You Want to Know and Purchases Fine Group’s Coil Spring Testing Machines, Digital, Hand Operated. Then, You Can Contact us Shortly and Check Features. We added here detailed specifications for the Coil Spring Testing Machines, Digital, Hand Operated (Model : STM).

Coil Spring Testing Machines, Digital, Hand Operated ( Model : STM )

  • The machine is table mounted, digital & hand operated.
  • Load measurement by load cell & displacement by rotary encoder. LCD display on DAS panel for Load & Displacement.
  • Standard load resolution is with 10,000 counts. Finer resolution (Optional) with 20,000 counts can also be offered at extra cost. Standard displacement resolution is 0.01 mm.
  • Vertical day light is 300 mm.
  • Tension Shackles & Compression plates are provided for Tension & Compression springs.
  • It is possible to use a number of load cells, say two or three, to cover much wider range of load, to suit the application.
  • Cost of one load cell is included in the price, but additional load cell will be at extra cost.
  • Various Models – Maximum Capacity from 100 N to 2000 N.
  • Loading accuracy well within ±1%, conforms to IS:1828 / BS:1610.
Technical Specification for Coil Spring (Hand Operated) Testing Machines
Operation Hand operated – Manually
Capacities 50N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N Maximum
Load Measurement By Load Cell
Displacement By Rotary Encoder
Resolution 10000 Counts for Maximum Load 0.2 N – For 2000 N Load Cell
Display For Load & Displacement LCD Display
Resolution of Displacement 0.01 mm
Vertical day light 300 mm
Load Accuracy ±1% From 4% to 100% Load Cell Capacity
Tension Shackles Provided For Tension Springs
Compression Plate Provided For compression Springs
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 500 x 400 x 1100 mm Approx