ASTM Impact Testing Machines (Model : AIT-300-ASTM, AIT-300-ASTM-D)

If You Want to Know and Purchases ASTM Impact Testing Machines. Then, You Can Contact us Shortly and Check Features. We added here detailed specifications for the ASTM Impact Testing Machines (Model : AIT-300-ASTM, AIT-300-ASTM-D).

ASTM Impact Testing Machines (Model : AIT-300-ASTM, AIT-300-ASTM-D)


  • For Charpy tests on various Materials
  • Strictly conforms to ASTM-E-23-2007 speficiations
  • Works on pendulum principle, difference between height of drop of pendulum before rupture and height of rise after rupture of specimen is direclty proportional to empact energy absorbed by specimen and is indicated by a pointer on a large dial for model: AIT-300-ASTM & on display for model: AIT-300-ASTM (D)
  • Single stand design which facilities fast and easy positioning and centering of specimen which is basic requirement of sub-zero testing
  • Unique spring loaded braking systems for smooth and jerk free braking
  • NIST approval of machine with samples from NIST-USA, can be arranged
  • Model: AIT-300-ASTM (D) is a digital version of model: AIT-300-ASTM


  • Charpy Striker – 1 no.
  • Charpy Support Block – 1 set.
  • Specimen setting gauge (for charpy) -1 no.
  • Set of spanners – 1 set.
  • Foundation braket – 1 no.


  • Self cetering tong for charpy test specimen (useful particularly for carrying out tests at sub zero temperature)
  • Sub zero temperature bath with digital temperature indicator
  • Go : No-Go gauges for confireming the following parameters of specimen within th limits specified by standard
    a) Centre line of notch from both ends
    b) Angle of V notch
    c) Depth below standard V notch
    d) Cross section of 10×10 mm specimen
  • Milling cutter for V notch
  • Charpy & Izod Notch (V & U) Broaching machines
  • Lateral expansion gauges as per ASTM-E-23
  • Standard Impact specimen for verification of machine from NIST, USA (We also undertake calibration of the machine as per ASTM-E-23 including approval from NIST – USA)
Technical Specifications
 Initial potential energy (Joules)  300
 Mainiumm scale graduation for AIT -300-ASTM (Joules)  2
 Resolution for AIT-300-ASTM (D)  0.5
 Pendulum drop angle (degree)  140
 Striking velocity of pendulum (m/sec)  5.182
 Distance between axis of rotation and centre of strike (ie. lenght of pendulum) (mm)  775
 Effective weigth of pendulum (kg)  22.35
 Total frication and windage losses (%) of max. Impact energy  0.75% Max.
 Distance between physical percussion centre of pendulum and centre of charpy specimen (mm)  ± 7.75 mm Max.


 Angle of striking edge (degree)  30±20
 Radius of striking edge (mm)  8±0.05 mm
  Width of tip (mm)  4


 Suitable for specimen size (mm)  10x10x55
 Distance between Anvils (mm)  40±0.05
 Angle of anvils (degree)  800±20
 Radius of supports (degree)  1±0.05
 Over all size (mm) approx  930L x 460 w x 2070 H
 New weight (kg) approx  500